Soda Pop

Historical Society Soda Pop is available at the Oldest Stone House Museum and Haber Family Center for History gift shops.

Dr. Prodley's Tonica

On January 3, 1903, Officer Harry Crosley survived being shot during the apprehension of Edward Everson for selling beer in his “Oyster Ocean” under the label of Dr. Prodley’s Tonica. This soda honors his bravery and all those who serve.

Rufus Wright's Cordials Creaming Soda

After serving in the War of 1812, Captain Rufus Wright purchased land on the western edge of the Rocky River, where he built a tavern c. 1816. It became the town gathering place and where the government of Rockport was formed. Not only did he spearhead the building of a bridge over the river, this man-for-all-season was also a trustee and postmaster.

Early Settler Wild Apple

A world-renowned industrial designer from Cleveland, Viktor Schreckengost is best known locally for his contributions to Lakewood High School, most notably the architectural terra-cotta sculpture The Early Settler, the largest of its kind in the world at the time of its construction.

Hall Family Farms Black Cherry Soda

Early Lakewood settlers from England, the Hall family started modestly with one tract of land, later reinvesting their fruit-farming profits into acquiring more land along Detroit Ave. When their children wed, they were each gifted 80 acres in Rockport to start their lives. The family would become the largest land owners in Rockport.

Arlene Davis' Into the Wild Blue Raspberry

Inspired by her husband, Arlene Davis of Lakewood wanted to share his interest in flying, so she earned her pilot’s license in 1931, a year before he did. She became a member of the 99s and an international air race champion. This Lakewoodite was the first woman to fly a tri-engine transport plane and to earn a 4-M rating, as well as the first person to qualify to fly on instruments alone—truly a pioneer in female aviation.

J. P. Kirtland Strawberry Soda

Known as the “Sage of the Western Reserve,” Dr. Jared Potter Kirtland maintained a natural laboratory at his estate, Whippoorwill, on the corner of Detroit Ave. and Bunts Rd. His work led to Lakewood being known as the fruit basket of the Western Reserve. The Kirtland Strawberry is just one of his many scientific contributions.

Orvis' Orange Soda

Former Rockport treasurer Orvis Hotchkiss and his wife Isabella ran a sawmill on his property and supplied the lumber for the old plank road, today’s Detroit Ave,. where his father-in-law John Honam built the Oldest Stone House in 1834. Continuing his family’s tradition of public service, Orvis’s son Noble held the first meeting of the Hamlet of Lakewood in 1889 at his home on the same property.

Lakewood Park Skate House Spring Water

Internationally renowned speed skater Elizabeth “Betty” Blaisdell was three times the Ohio state champion and competed in the 1931 National Championship finishing as an alternate for the 1932 Olympic demonstration team, the first time speed skating was in the Olympics. She started here in Lakewood winning the 1929 Winter Carnival races in Lakewood Park.