House History Research

Lakewood is a community made up of beautiful, older homes built during Lakewood’s “boom time” around the turn of the last century.  There are now over 12,000 residential buildings in Lakewood, of which 20% are one hundred years old.  By 2020, almost 60% of single family and 52% of two-family homes will be at least one hundred years old. 

These wonderful buildings can tell many stories about the families who have lived inside them and the history of our community . Many of our residents are intrigued by the history of their home, but unsure how to find out more.  Researching the story of your Lakewood home requires a fair amount of legwork, but the information you gather will help you enjoy your beautiful home even more. 

The two most frequent questions regarding Lakewood house histories are “Who owned my house before me?” and “When was my house built?”  With a little digging, you can discover the answers to these questions.  Many thanks to Mary Gagen, Marcia Moll and Richard Sicha for compiling the information included in this article.

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