Accessing the Collections

The Society believes the collections should be used to advance knowledge and therefore will make them accessible to serious students and scholars for research. A primary consideration of availability of items for examination and use will be based upon the condition of the item(s) and availability of other sources, copies or information. Access to the collections is secondary to preservation of the collections.

Conducting Research

  1. A written request by the person(s) stating the (a) purpose of access and anticipated use of the research, (b) need for access, and (c) signed research policy affirming knowledge and understanding of research practices at the Society shall be completed prior to gaining access to the collections.
  2. Authorization for access will be given/or denied by the Society’s staff. Denial(s) may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.
  3. Persons wishing to see objects or archival materials for profit making ventures must (a) adhere to all copyright designations; (b) enter into a licensing agreement with the Society.
  4. No items from the collection may be removed from the premises without staff permission and in accordance with the then existing Loan Policy.

Review online research resources here.

Loans to museums and other institutions

The Executive Director and Curator of Collections may approve an exhibit, or temporary loan, of Society property for a period not to exceed sixty days. At the end of sixty days a privilege of renewal shall be executed if the Executive Director so recommends.

  1. The Board of Trustees may approve a loan of Society property on such terms as determined by the Board. Insurance provisions shall be determined by the Board.
  2. Loans are dependent on the ability of the requesting facility to provide adequate care, including storage, insurance, travel conditions and display, for the requested item.