Lakewood pottery made by Westerwald Pottery from Scenery Hill, PA

Blue and grey stoneware was made in Germany's Westerwald region as early as the 16th century. These vessels were sold throughout the continent and were prized for their strength and beauty. Later cobalt-decorated stoneware was produced by the 19th century American potters.

Westerwald Pottery was established in 1975 to satisfy the growing demand for hand-made decorated pottery. While production increased dramatically at Westerwald, the same high standards which characterized pottery making hundreds of years ago continues there today. Your piece of blue and grey stoneware was designed by Phil Schaltenbrand, owner and founder of Westerwald Pottery. Our glazes are lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe. All pieces are tamped with a potter's mark, signed and dated.


Price: $12.00


Price: $19.00

2 Quart Crock

Price: $23.00

1 Quart Crock

Price: $18.00


Price: $22.00

Sugar Bowl

Price: $13.00

Large Throat Crock

Price: $23.00