History at Home

Yeah, we would rather be back in school too.

But in the meantime we have some fun activities you can do with your parents. Check back from time-to-time as we add more offerings. Sign up for our special mailing list so we can give you a heads up when there is something new.

1st/2nd Grade

We usually talk about how different things are in classrooms today from how they were in the 1800s, but if you are doing your school work with Mom and Dad, and your brothers and sisters, all in one room right now it is probably a little closer to the one room schools of the past.

100 years ago Emma Beach was attending school in Lakewood (Rockport). This activity shares some of her experiences through her diary (Click Here). Talk with your parents about how things have changed over time and how they are the same, we have some activity questions to help guide your discussion.

Grab a grownup and talk to them about how school was different and the same when they were in school and then compare your experiences with classrooms of the 1800s with this fun activity (Click Here).

3rd/4th Grade

Got cabin fever? Practice social distancing from the comfort of your car with a driving tour of Lakewood history.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Oldest Stone House Museum

Click the image to start the tour.

Coming Soon! A video walk through with a docent.