Lakewood Lore

Articles By Dan Chabek

Welcome to Lakewood Lore Online. These columns by Dan Chabek began as a series in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lakewood's founding. They appeared in the Lakewood Sun Post under the heading Lakewood Lore.

Dan Chabek was a reporter for the former Cleveland Press and a public relations representative for the Ford Motor Company prior to his retirement in 1980. He lived in Lakewood and served as a trustee of the Lakewood Historical Society.

Be sure to visit Mr. Chabek's other feature, The Buckeye Chronicles (coming soon), on the Historical Society's page. Also, check out the Lakewood Files for more Lakewood history and look for Dan's book in our gift shop on the museum store page.

All articles reprinted with permission.