Ohio Heritage Summer Camp

Ohio Heritage is back!

Registration is now open through the Lakewood Recreation Department.

Each activity will include a downloadable PDF with a history section, craft, recipe, or link to a video connected to Lakewood’s early history. The activities can be completed by the whole family and is aimed at children in elementary and middle school with an adult’s help. Check back on our website or Facebook every two weeks for new activities.

Participants in the Ohio Heritage Summer Camp program have been learning about Ohio, Lakewood, and the Oldest Stone House since Margaret Manor Butler began the camp in 1966. The camp runs each summer in Lakewood Park.

This year learn along with us and the whole family with this introduction to Lakewood history. Ever wonder how the streets in Lakewood got their names? let's find out.

Throughout the mid-1800s, the farm community of East Rockport bustled with economic activity. Commercial establishments sprang up along the Old Plank Road, which served Rockport’s residents as well as travelers journeying east to Cleveland and west over the Rocky River. The economy of the area grew with the prosperity of the residents’ commercial fruit farms. By the 1870s, it was no longer a necessity that Rockport farmers be self-sustaining. Items once made at home could be bought at the store, and farmers found it sensible to buy them at a general store.