The Century Home Recognition Project receives a portion of its funding from the Lakewood Historical Society. The balance of the funds needed to support the project is in the form of donations from companies, businesses, and individuals who appreciate and believe in recognizing and honoring Lakewood’s historic houses.

You are invited to join these supporters by becoming a Historic Lakewood Builder. Builders are individuals who value and appreciate the historical significance of the housing stock that is the foundation of the Lakewood community and are willing to help recognize and preserve these houses with their financial support.

There are three levels of support in the Historic Lakewood Builder program.

1. For a contribution of up to $25 you will be recognized as a Builder-Handyman.

2. For contributions of $26-$50 you become a Builder-Renovator.

3. For contributions of $51 and above you are a Builder-Preservationist.

All donations to the Builder program will be used to support the various components of the Century Home Project. A list of Builder donors will be published yearly.