Make History In Lakewood


“Make History in Lakewood” is a program for owners of century homes. Its purpose is to encourage these homeowners to have a party for their house to celebrate its one hundredth birthday.

The Lakewood Historical Society believes that events like a home turning one hundred are significant historical events and should be noted, celebrated, and cherished. The Century Home Recognition Project is a formal acknowledgement of Lakewood’s growing stock of houses built over one hundred years ago. Make History in Lakewood encourages homeowners to move beyond formal recognition of their home and to share this historical treasure with family, neighbors, relatives, and friends. The program encourages planning a social activity that makes your one-hundred-year-old house the center of the attention.

In the one hundred years your house has stood in Lakewood, it has been a witness to thousands and thousands of events – personal, civic, national, and international. It has seen tears of sadness and tears of joy. It has watched styles and fads come and go. It has been a witness to much that is worth thinking and talking about; things worthy of a party.

Participation in Make History in Lakewood can be a simple gathering or an elaborate social affair. Each year a portion of “A Guide to . . .” has a section devoted to party ideas including party themes, games, 100-year-old recipes, books, movies, and more.

The Historical Society is keeping a digital record of Century Home events, and encourages you to share old photos of your house, stories about events and people related to your house, comments about living in a 100-year-old home, and ideas you have about celebrating your house’s birthday as well as photos of your event so they can become part of these digital memories. Post these on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use #LKWDhome100 so that your postings can be retrieved. Information can also be emailed to Executive Director, Gregory Palumbo, or mailed to the Lakewood Historical Society at 13314 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107.