Program Information


The Preservation Committee of the Lakewood Historical Society began the Historic Lakewood: Century Home Recognition Project in 2017. The goal of the Project is to recognize the amazing number of homes in Lakewood that are Century Homes and to encourage the owners of these homes to celebrate the significance of living in a one-hundred-year-old home in an established and historic community like Lakewood.

Since the program began, 2850 homes have been given certificates: 755 homes in 2017, 1019 homes in 2018, and 1076 homes in 2019. To make the program manageable for the volunteers, the committee is using the first ten years of the program to spread out the recognition of homes that have previously celebrated a one hundredth anniversary. Each year during the first ten years of the project, all homes with construction years ending in the same last digit as the homes turning 100 will also be recognized. In 2019, homes built in years ending in nine were recognized. Certificates were given to 702 homes built in 1919 and 374 homes built in 1879, 1889, 1899 and 1909. In 2020 houses built in years ending in zero will be recognized.

Houses are identified using the property records of the Cuyahoga County Auditor’s office. Each identified homeowner is sent a mailing explaining the Project. The mailing includes a Certificate of Recognition from the Lakewood Historical Society verifying the age of their home, directions about receiving a free window cling to display in a front window of their home, as well as information about purchasing a Historic Lakewood plaque to display on their house.

Century homeowners are also encouraged to participate in the Make History in Lakewood project which encourages homeowners to creatively celebrate their home’s 100th anniversary.

Century Homes and their owners are formally recognized each year on the first Saturday in August during the Lakewood Arts Festival with a special display in the Lakewood Historical Society booth.