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Request for All LHS Membership to continue to provide Public Input Regarding Preservation of the Curtis Block in the Lakewood Hospital Site Redevelopment Project

Call your Councilperson!

It has come to our attention in the last couple of weeks, and with clarity at the 4/18 Meeting, that the final plan includes the demolition of all but the Detroit facade of the Curtis Block which we've spent more than a decade working - successfully, up to now - to preserve. Be in touch with your Councilperson. You need only say a few words indicating your opposition to the plan to raze most of the structure and your request that the building be preserved because of its historic status and because of its major contribution to the character of downtown Lakewood.

As always, thank you for your support. It makes all the difference.

When you have a minute also take a look at the article Hilary Schickler wrote for the Lakewood Observer when the Curtis Block was in the process of landmark designation almost exactly seven years ago: It's a well written summary that will refresh your memory about the preservation we've worked long and hard to sustain, and it's a great introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the building and its historic importance.

From Jim Robinson, Board President

The Sale on the Grounds is here! It's as amazing a sale as ever, with literally everything imaginable throughout the Nicholson House and in the sale tents on the grounds. And we even have the perfect spring weekend for it!

And very importantly, please continue to do what you can to help us with the Curtis Block preservation. There are petitions for you to sign at the Sale on the Grounds. And please be directly in touch with your Councilperson to voice your support for preserving the Block. Our collective voices mean a great deal.

Many thanks, as always.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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A "Home of Our Own" Capital Campaign Has Reached and Crossed the Finish Line!

Since the Haber Family Center for History opened as the Society's headquarters only a few years ago we have been able to serve researchers, students, family historians, and curious community passers by. Our collection is settling in to its new secure, dry, and flexible space with more complete and accessible cataloging and storage. We've been very grateful for the help of volunteers and interns as well as our Curator.

It's your support that's taken us across the finish line in our Capital Campaign. It will ensure that the Lakewood Historical Society and the Haber Center will continue to care for Lakewood's history for generations to come.

New National Historic Districts in Lakewood!

Clifton Park South National Historic District

Lakewood Downtown National Historic District

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Council Again Contemplates the Future of a City Landmark:

The Curtis Block Building

Read More About the Curtis Block Discussions - Click to Expand

On November 24, 2020 Lakewood City Council began a discussion about the current status and future of the Curtis Block building located at the corner of Detroit and Marlowe Avenues. In 2015 the City designated the Curtis Block as historic under City of Lakewood Ordinance Chapter 1134 ,you can read the designation HERE. When the City took possession of the former Lakewood Hospital site in 2016 the Curtis Block was included in that transfer. At that time an assessment was done of the property. In the subsequent four years there has been dramatic deterioration due to unaddressed roof and foundation issues that were exacerbated by the demolition of the hospital.

While the assessment presented to Council was a drudgery of images and descriptions of deterioration and failures with large dollar amounts tied to them, this is only one assessment of a very complicated issue. One that had a large range when discussing potential costs. When the City took possession of the property there was an opportunity to mitigate some of these issues but with the project tied to the hospital site development many of those manageable issues have spun into larger crises. Hope is not lost. Intervention now can revitalize this Lakewood treasure and sustainably reuse the property.

On Monday, December 7, 2020 Council will again discuss the condition of the Curtis Block and what they will be doing as the owners of this neglected property. We encourage all concerned residents to contact their council person to voice their wish for the City to stabilize and revitalize this Lakewood Landmark. Those that would like to express themselves in person at the meeting should contact council to be added to the meeting credentials. Contact City Council through their site HERE.

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